Geothermal could make your Life Better

Many people ask us how Geothermal Heating & Cooling Works…

Here’s How……


Geothermal Heat Pumps use the nearly constant temperature underground to heat or cool a buildings interior

  1. Ground loops filled with fluid absorb heat in the winter and release it in the summer.
  2. The evaporator transfers heat from the ground loops to refrigerant fluid circulating in the system.
  3. The compressor increases the pressure on the fluid to raise its temperature.
  4. The desuperheater takes some of the excess heat and routes it to the hot water heater.
  5. A reversing valve lets the heat pump switch directions to either heat or cool the building.
  6. The expansion valve lowers the fluid’s pressure and temperature so that it flows toward the evaporator, and the cycle starts again.



  • Comfort: In homeowner surveys, these systems are routinely ranked as “more comfortable” than conventional gas, oil or electric systems. They provide a more comfortable and even heat with no odor of fuel.


  • Quiet: Also provides air conditioning eliminating the need for the traditional noisy outdoor A/C unit.


  • Longevity: Has a life expectancy of at least twenty years.


  • Environmental Factor: Geo systems are an environmentally conscientious choice.  You can immediately cut your emissions up to fifty percent: the equivalent of taking several cars off the road.


  • Generous Tax Credits: Are set to END in December of 2016.