5+ Ways Water Quality could be Ruining your Plumbing

Got a plumbing Problem? It could be your water.



Conditions that manifest in water supplies are a major health concern, however you may not realize

 that bad water could also harm your plumbing & equipment. 

Common problems caused by poor water quality:

1.) Mineral hardness can cause problems in hydronic
heating systems, cause soap scum to build up in drains, and leave scale stains on faucets.

2.) Iron can clog faucet aerators and cartridge filters, and discolors plumbing fixtures. Iron, manganese and other metals in a water supply can create a metallic taste and odor.

3.) Municipal water supplies may add chlorine to the water system, leaving an objectionable taste.

4.) Low pH can be corrosive to copper pipes, leaving bluish stains on fixtures and causing pinhole leaks in pipes.

5.) Hydrogen sulfide may be liberated into a smelly gas when it comes into contact with magnesium anodes in water heaters.


   All of these conditions can be treated. Bring a sample into the office and let us test it for you.

     For a comprehensive analysis including testing for bacteria, Radon, arsenic or other heavy metals, test kits are available in the office at no charge. The kit contains specimen bottles, instructions on how to catch a sample, a fee schedule and mailing label.

If in doubt about your water, stop in and pick one up today.