With Bonus of Air Conditioning; Demand for Heat Pumps Remains High

The heat pump is a high efficiency heating and cooling appliance that uses electricity to produce low cost heat by compressing refrigerant.  The Mitsubishi ductless unit is a popular option with homeowners.   As the temperature rises and the humidity level increases, a ductless air conditioning heat pump will be a welcomed addition to your home.  Quiet and efficient, ductless air conditioners and heat pumps are available in many sizes to suit any room or home.  Without the mess, wait or destruction of conventional air conditioning, heat pumps can often be installed in one day so that you can enjoy the cool dry air without the wait.remote
Although Homeowners have been enjoying lower oil prices for a brief time, we all know that prices will rise sooner or later.  Those who need to replace heating systems are still looking for efficient fossil fuel alternatives that save money, take up less space and above all, provide a more “responsible” heat source than previously available.
In addition to the added benefit of air conditioning, a heat pump will help to reduce your heating costs this fall when the weather turns colder.  When fuel costs increase you will be happy knowing that your heat pump will be just as efficient and comfortable in the cold weather as in the hot summer months; saving you money all year.
But wait, there is another heat pump that will save money, is affordable, and equally efficient.  It is the Heat Pump Water Heater.  Inexpensive to install, it is available as a stand-alone unit, or an addition to your existing water heater.  Benefits of a heat pump water heater include reduced cost per gallon for your domestic hot water and dehumidification.

Nyle Systems of Brewer Maine, manufactures an add-on heat pump called the GEYSER®, suitable for most storage tank water heaters from 40 gallons to 120 gallons.  Heat is pulled from the surrounding air and utilizing heat pump technology. That energy is then used to heat the water in your tank. Even the small amount of electricity used to operate the GEYSER® is converted to heat.  If your water heater is in need of replacement consider replacing it with an electric hybrid heat pump water heater or adding a Geyser to your existing tank.

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