Does your home smell musty?


When humidity is high, your AC systems have to work harder to cool your home. If you have an older or wrong sized system, it is no doubt running inefficiently and working too hard and it may not be able to bring the result you are seeking.


The air in your home may feel warmer than it actually is because the air is holding extra moisture that isn’t being removed properly. If this is the case, the system or unit has to work harder without providing optimum results and leading to higher utility bills.  remote


In order to have your home comfortable cool and dry in summer months, it is important to have an HVAC professional size your system properly as each home is unique.


Maine homes create a unique challenge for AC as many are older and unfortunately, don’t have a convenient space to install ductwork for a traditional central air-conditioning system. Lowering ceilings or building out walls to hide supply and return ducts is expensive, and can blemish indoor spaces.


If you own an older home, ductless mini-split heat pumps may be the answer.  Not to mention the AC quality, a heat pump works in Maine’s tough winters (provided a house is well insulated and air sealed) and is cost-efficient to operate, especially in the transitional months during autumn and spring.  It’s quiet, clean, and comfortable, and most can be installed in just one day.heat pump