Mid-Coast Energy Systems is please to announce implementation of an HVAC Apprentice Program through the State of Maine Apprenticeship Program (MAP). Our first enthusiastic participant in the program is Richie Sproul,(pictured right) a 2017 graduate of Medomak Valley High School. Richie has always been interested in a hands-on career and recognized that this local program will provide him with the needed education and experience while ensuring him a solid career without having to leave the State of Maine.

MCES Facilities Manager and Education Coordinator, John Blodgett (pictured left)began a conversation with the Maine Department of Labor (DOL) in September of 2016 and followed up this conversation with Maine DOL and MCES President Bill Morgner in May of 2017.

During the past year, the current State and Federal Administrations have recognized the need for these programs in order to help fill the need for trained mechanical technicians. Legislation has been introduced to help improve and strengthen this program.

As a part of the MAP, both MCES and the Apprentice have objectives and responsibilities to each other and to the MAP. It is the desire of Mid-Coast Energy Systems to cooperate with the Maine Apprenticeship Program and Maine Apprenticeship Council in the training of apprentices and to assure the apprentices that, if
they diligently apply themselves, will be afforded an opportunity to become skilled professionals as HVAC Technicians. The term of apprenticeship for HVAC Technician shall be 4000 hours (2 years of full time employment) of on-the-job-training and a minimum of 144 hours of related formal classroom instruction for every program year of apprenticeship.
Welcome and good luck Richie!