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The Pipeline is Going Electronic!

 Let’s face it, print newsletters are outdated. Since we strive to stay on the cutting edge of industry, we also feel responsibility to enlist the latest and most popular methods to carry our information out to our customers and beyond.  Accordingly, we have been preparing to convert the paper version of the PIPELINE into the electronic age for several years now; asking for your email addresses and exploring different formats that would be the most reader friendly. In January 2019, you will receive your first MCES e-newsletter called the PIPELINE BULLETIN.

 WHY THE CHANGE?  The decision to “go electronic” was not an easy one.  Over the years, we have been constantly flattered by positive feedback from those of you who regularly read The Pipeline from cover-to-cover.  The circulation grew from approximately 4,500 in 2007, to 7,500 in 2018.  However, since we have no way to quantify how many Pipelines end up in the garbage, never opened, we are always wondering how much paper is being wasted – and that bothers us. Transitioning to electronic means less waste, because only those of you who want this information will receive it. Finally, it has been an expensive process with costs of production, printing and mailing incurring several times a year. We feel we will better serve our customers and our company by spending these funds more wisely.

HOW WILL IT BE DELIVERED?  If we have your email address on file, you will receive the PIPELINE BULLETIN in your email inbox.  The Subject line may read “From Your Friends at Mid-Coast Energy Systems” or “The Pipeline Bulletin” so that you know it is from us here at MCES. However, if you prefer to opt out or unsubscribe it’s easy to do so.

HOW OFTEN?  Unlike the six page print version that went out to mail boxes three times per year, the PIPELINE BULLETIN will be a monthly e-mailed newsletter featuring  a short article, a special sale, news of a new product or announcement of a new technology in the HVAC industry, or any other information we think would be of interest to you. The e-mail will be brief and something you can read in a matter of minutes.

WHEN WILL I GET THE FIRST ELECTRONIC ISSUE?  The first PIPELINE BULLETIN will be sent out in mid-January 2019.

WATCH FOR THIS TOO! In addition to our own e-newsletter, we will have a featured article in the Lincoln County News e-newsletter on a monthly basis. As always, the articles will focus on useful HVAC information for the consumer.

We welcome & encourage your feedback once the changes are put in place.  Tell us what you think, send us ideas for articles, suggestions for improvements, etc.  And above all else – thank you for reading!


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