Air Conditioning Service Agreement

Air Conditioning Service Agreement

Let us take the worry out of servicing your air conditioning system. Preventative maintenance and service are known to maintain efficiency and increase life expectancy of mechanical equipment. Your air conditioning system and its related equipment are no different.

Have peace of mind knowing that we are keeping yours running safe and at peak efficiency.

Annual Cost $250.00

  • 1 annual visit & cleaning
  • Evaporator coil wash
  • Evaporator filter wash
  • Condensate drain inspection and test
  • Condenser coil wash
  • Evaluate and de-ox all electrical
  • (Add $50.00 for each additional indoor evaporator unit)
  • (Add $150.00 for each additional outdoor evaporator unit)

Annual Cost $309.00

  • 1 annual tune up & cleaning
  • Belt change
  • Grease and lubricate
  • Amp draw check: compressor, blower, fan motor
  • Test unit and rate condition
  • Change filter


  • 24 hour emergency service at regular rates
  • 10% discount on all air conditioning repair parts during the plan year
  • Priority dispatch for air conditioning repair call