Our History

Our company started when Bob Hardina bought out a well-established Damariscotta plumbing and heating company and renamed it Mid-Coast Energy Systems Inc.

During the 1976 embargo, Bob realized the need to make alternative energy viable for all. In fact, the MCES logo with its bright sun shining over a rooftop represents Bob’s vision to one day make alternative energy available to everyone. He has devoted his life’s work to educating and promoting energy efficiency and conservation.

In 2000, Bob sold the company to employees William Morgner, Ron Russell, and David Gamage. By choice, Bob’s role is a more limited one, but his fundamental philosophy of understanding and personalized customer service still remains at the root of the company’s culture.

Mid-Coast Energy specializes in systems tailored to its customers’ personal needs and lifestyles. Mid-Coast Energy employees are specialists in heating, plumbing, electrical, geothermal heating and cooling, as well as air and water quality.

Working together in a seamless integration of efforts toward the same goal, these specialists can successfully undertake projects of any dimension from the smallest to the most complex.

Today, Bob’s original business philosophies and practices still fuel the collective enthusiasm of Mid-Coast Energy Systems, and they have positioned the company as one of Maine’s leading HVAC contractors.