AUTOMATING YOUR HOME- Everywhere we look these days it seems that someone is promoting assistant devices or voice activated home integration hubs. Amazon has Echo and Alexa, Windows PCs have Cortana, Google Home is gaining market share and everyone seems to know who Siri is.

What can these technological devices do for you and your home? How smart is your home and how smart do you want it to be? Today’s Smart Home can do almost everything from create a shopping list from a camera inside your refrigerator, visually monitor entrances and property,
turn lights on and off, raise and lower window shades and control your HVAC equipment.

In the January, 2013 issue of The Pipeline we introduced Honeywell’s wi-fi capable thermostats and have seen interest in this technology grow steadily in the past years. These controls were seemingly in their infancy compared to what is available today in total home automation.
Recently Honeywell introduced their new Lyric series of smart HVAC controls and home automation devices. With new thermostats that integrate with Google Home, Apple Home Kit and Amazon Echo you can control almost every function of heating and cooling. These thermostats are so smart they actually learn your settings and adapt to your individual comfort patterns. Wireless, portable and visual alert doorbells can make your home safer and add a wi-fi security camera for extra security and monitoring.
Making your home smarter can be as simple as a single wi-fi capable thermostat strictly for monitoring the inside temperature. Step it up a notch by adding an Android or Apple app so that you can control the temperature in your home from anywhere, or go all the way with total smart home integration.

Honeywell and Mid-Coast Energy Systems have the products and expertise to smarten your home up!