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Continuing education is a crucial component to provide superior service and timely advice. However, it can be a daunting experience to finish a day’s work and then travel to a community college or training center for fifteen weeks to take the required course.

With this in mind, Mid-Coast Energy in cooperation with Novel Engineering is developing a hybrid code course that combines home study with classroom sessions and individual mentoring to help candidates complete the course.

Bob Hardina, a master electrician and a retired member the Mid-Coast team is coordinating the effort. “Home study is wonderful but there are always interruptions and family obligations that cause people to give up and not finish the course,” observed Bob. “By combining home study with occasional mentoring sessions participants help each other and learn a great deal in the process.”

The National Electrical Code was originally drawn in 1897as a result of the united efforts of various insurance, electrical, architectural and allied interests concerned with the safety of residential, industrial and commercial installations. The original code books were small volumes that could be carried in the electrician’s shirt pocket. The current 2017 edition of the code is an 8 ½ x 11 book consisting of 874 pages of text, charts and drawings. The NEC is revised every three years. In addition to as many as 586 hours of classroom education each candidate for a Journeyman or Master electrical license must have successfully completed a 45 hour update course in the current code.


Enlist your Own In-House Training Program

When all Else Fails, Develop your own In- House Training!

Most people underestimate the breadth of knowledge required to be a skilled technician. Seasoned veterans of the HVAC industry typically have the benefit of twenty or thirty years to learn everything they need to know for accurate diagnoses and repair.   MCES employs both veterans with up to forty years of experience and young, ambitious technicians with the aptitude and eagerness to learn.

Moreover, as technology in this field advances at breakneck speed, each has the opportunity to benefit and learn from the 20150428_103524other.  Old school wisdom combines with knowledge of new cutting- edge technology to provide our customers with the highest level of service regardless of the age of their systems.

MCES’ in-house training sessions on existing and new technologies are given on a weekly basis.  The instructor is Bob Hardina, founder of MCES with forty years’ experience in the HVAC field.  His ultimate goal is to give the crew a basis of knowledge-what he calls “the Mid-Coast way of doing things.”  The sessions are aimed primarily at service calls that require diagnosis and troubleshooting.  Bob promotes the use of the internet as an essential resource for problem-solving.  By giving each technician the tools necessary to cut through all of techthe mythology and misinformation that’s “out there” they can accurately and efficiently determine “what’s bogus” and “what’s good.”   According to Bob, “the only thing I am teaching is how to learn . . . by providing them with the information and training necessary to make a diagnosis and provide an effective remedy.”

Bob also helps MCES technicians prepare for upcoming trade licensing exams.  Currently, there are four MCES technicians getting ready to take the plumbing exam for both journeyman and masters licenses. Bob thoroughly enjoys his role as an instructor of MCES technicians, and says that that as long as there      are people with questions, as long as things change and as long as there are improvements in technology, there will always be a need for teaching & learning.