Choosing the Right Radiant Heating System in Maine

What could be more delightful on a chilly winter day in Maine than stepping onto a warm and
cozy floor? Radiant heated floors, also known as radiant flooring heat, are considered one of the
most comfortable, steady, and efficient ways to heat your home. However, not all radiant heating
systems are created equal. At Midcoast Energy Systems (MCES), a trusted home remodeler in
Maine with 45+ years of experience, we understand the importance of choosing the right radiant
heating system for your home
Types of Radiant Heating Installations:
There are various methods for installing radiant heat, each with its advantages and

  1. Radiant Slab:
    In the “radiant slab” installation, tubing is secured to box mesh and embedded directly into a
    concrete slab or basement floor. While this is a cost-effective method, it has a slower response
    time to thermostat adjustments due to the thermal mass of the concrete. It is best suited for a
    “set it and forget it” approach to temperature control.
  2. Lightweight Over-Pour:
    For upper-level living floors, the “lightweight over-pour” method is used. Here, the tubing is
    attached to the subfloor, and a lightweight gypcrete is poured over it. Once cured, it behaves
    similarly to a radiant slab.
  3. Staple-Up and Staple-Down:
    The “staple-up” installation is common for levels above the basement. Aluminum heat transfer
    plates with tubing tracks are fastened to the underside of the floor in the joist cavity. The
    aluminum evenly distributes the warmth over the floor. “Staple-down” is a similar method, but
    the installation is done over the subfloor instead.
  4. Dry Panel Radiant Heating System:
    An increasingly popular method is the “dry panel” radiant heating system, which acts as the
    subfloor. It has tracks and aluminum plates for rapid response while maintaining
    low-temperature efficiency. This type of installation allows for direct contact with the finished
    flooring, ensuring efficiency and comfort.
    Not All Radiant Systems Are Equal
    There is a radiant floor, and then there is a radiant floor done right. Frequently MCES has bid
    on radiant installation projects to be told that our price was significantly higher than competitors.
    What is the reason for the difference? We do it right.

Whether you want to add a radiant floor zone to your existing home, troubleshoot a problematic
system, or are building new and want the comfort and convenience of a radiantly heated home,
you can trust MCES to recommend the REHAU family of radiant products and install it right!