Generac Generators | Sales, Service & Installation

Generac Generators | Sales, Service & Installation

With the weather becoming more unpredictable, outages are happening more frequently and lasting longer. A stand-by Generac generator is a logical solution for unpredictable Maine weather.

Our generator technicians are factory trained by Generac to perform authorized start-up, installations, warranty service, and maintenance.

An automatic standby generator constantly monitors the utility.  When the power goes out, the generator starts itself and delivers power to your home within seconds. When the utility comes back online, the generator shuts itself off until the next outage.

An automatic standby generator runs off a dedicated fuel supply.  Generac generators are set to automatically run briefly once a week to ensure that everything is working properly when you need it.

Finding the right size for you is easy

The size needed depends on various factors, including the location and size of your home or building and what essentials, appliances, and extras you’ll need to be powered.

Simply click the online tool below to find the right size for you. Then give us a call at (207) 563-5147 to find out how to get the Generac Generator you need up and running!