How do I find an HVAC technician/installer in my area?

So you’ve decided to install a new heat pump/cooling system in your home, and you’re wondering where to start. 

Congratulations! You’re one step closer to enjoying a home filled with fresh cool air in the summer and cozy warm heat in the winter. The next step in your process is locating a distributor to purchase your unit and provide a technician to install it for you. 

First things first, finding a distributor that services your area is simple and easy to do. Simply go to the Mitsubishi or other manufacturer’s website and enter your zip code. Voila! You’re matched with someone in your area. Not only is this convenient, but it also ensures you’re matched with a distributor that has been authorized through the manufacturer. 

You may wonder why we don’t service all areas of the state. The answer is simple; the potential cost outweighs the benefits to our customers. Although we’d love to service all the homes and businesses in Maine, the reasons for limiting our service areas are simple, the further we travel, the more it costs. Aside from surging gas prices and geographic limitations, there is a significant cost for the expertise of our technicians. This cost can really add up quickly when long commutes are involved, and larger installations are performed. 

We recommend locating a local manufacturer closer to your location. Not only will this help in the overall cost of installation, but it will also make servicing and maintenance of your system much more convenient and cost-effective. 

Locating a technician

Always purchase from a certified dealer. Not only will you have a more knowledgeable experience, but you will also ensure that the job is done correctly and the factory warranty remains intact. A CERTIFIED dealer and technician MUST carry out all installation and maintenance. Avoid any unnecessary long-term issues and potential property damage by doing so. 

When to call us

We limit our service and sales to a one-hour radius of our flagship store in Damariscotta. If this describes your demographic, Check out our website at or request a quote here