The Warranty – what is it, why is it necessary and what are the differences?

We have all been there at some point.  A product fails or breaks down immediately after the warranty period expires.  Whether it is your car, truck, refrigerator, television, faucet or your furnace, the impact is the same.  It almost seems like manufacturers do it on purpose so that we have to pay for a repair or purchase a replacement product as soon as the warranty period expires.  While this is probably not true, we still feel the loss.

Not All Warranties Are The Same

Warranties come in different shapes and sizes and they are not all created the same.  For instance, a brand new heating system installation consisting of many different components will have many different warranties.  The heating unit typically will have a 10 year warranty on the block or heat exchanger while other items such as controls, relays, transformers and valves may have 1 – 3 year warranties. 

Understandably, frustration ensues when a homeowner expects an OEM part to be covered if it fails after a couple of years but that particular item may only carry a 1 year warranty.

A kitchen faucet may have a lifetime performance warranty but maybe only 5 years on the finish.  If chrome or nickel plating begins to peel off after several years but the faucet still performs as intended, a replacement under warranty is unlikely.  Much like corrosion warranty on an automobile.

Not All Products Are The Same

Products purchased at Box stores and secondary internet retailers may have an identical appearance and nearly identical model number as some of the products that we supply, they are not the same quality.  

Product lines produced exclusively for the big box store market are why these products may seem like such a great deal compared to the first quality from our approved wholesale distribution network.

Some of the most common differences that can make a significant impact on overall quality and durability are:

  • Plastic stems and cartridges in faucets
  • Lighter casting on china sinks and toilets
  • Lighter gauge steel in kitchen sinks

Cheap can often cost more when that product fails to perform as intended and you are faced with a costly repair or replacement and having to deal with the Box Store or internet retailer warranty department.

Some of the HVAC equipment that MCES proudly promotes and installs carries absolutely no warranty if purchased outside of the distribution network.  Imagine saving a couple hundred dollars on a furnace, boiler or heat pump only to have it fail and not be covered by warranty, at all!

Mid-Coast Energy Systems has provided exemplary service to our community for over 43 years and we take pride in providing only verified top quality products to our customers. We will happily install products that a homeowner provides but we do require a signed waiver form when installing items that we do not supply.  Caveat emptor.