Water Quality

Water Availability Following A Disaster – Are You Prepared?

Written by Kerri Pawlina of A&L Laboratory In New England, we are relatively safe from natural disasters occurring but it’s not impossible for one to hit and potentially cut you off from clean drinking water. How ready are you and your family if this happens? Preparation is key to survival.  First, you should determine your […]

Water Conservation Made Easy

Water Conservation made easy – It is no secret to those of us who live in Maine, that even with recent heavy rain, we remain in our third year of drought! What can we as individuals do to help?  It is easy to say, “Conserve water”, but what does that mean?  We still need to […]

Arsenic Levels in Maine Water

  Is your well safe? ~ By Gina Philippon Several news outlets have been reporting recently about the concern of elevated levels of arsenic in Maine water supplies.  While this is frightening, it can be treated relatively easily. What is Arsenic? Arsenic is a tasteless, odorless, colorless metalloid element with an atomic number of 33.   […]


Unused Wells – Turn on the faucet and the water is there.  Modern well pumps and pressure tanks make rural living as convenient as urban living when it comes to your water supply.  Water quality is a concern without a centralized point of treatment as with municipal water supplies.  Most nuisance well water quality conditions […]

5+ Ways Water Quality could be Ruining your Plumbing

Got a plumbing Problem? It could be your water.   Conditions that manifest in water supplies are a major health concern, however you may not realize  that bad water could also harm your plumbing & equipment.  Common problems caused by poor water quality: 1.) Mineral hardness can cause problems in hydronic heating systems, cause soap scum […]