Over the past several years, more and more of our customers have become interested in learning about heat pumps for obvious reasons.  Ductless heat pumps are an attractive & highly efficient way to heat and cool an area because they extract heat from outdoor air (even when it is very cold) and deliver heat energy into homes and businesses in the winter and cool air in the summer.

Ductless heat pumps (or “mini-split”) distribute heat and cooling directly to the spaces where they are installed, rather than through a ducted system.  They have an outdoor unit connected to an indoor unit via small, copper refrigerant lines. By using these lines instead of ducts, these ductless systems are (usually)  easily retrofitted into existing homes, apartment buildings, and commercial spaces. They also serve to minimize distribution losses due to air leaks.

Right now, rebates of up to $750 and low-interest financing is available on eligible units.  $500 rebates are available toward installation of ductless heat pumps that provide a single or first zone of heating in your home. An additional rebate of $250 is available for ductless heat pump installations that provide a second zone of heating in your home.