Tax Credits

Geothermal Tax Credits are Back!

The reinstated GHP tax credits are retroactive to Jan. 1, 2017, and extended to Jan. 1, 2022. Get answers to your Questions.  Mid-Coast Energy Systems are happy to answer your heating & cooling questions about geothermal.  Find out about energy efficiency, maintenance and cost of installation. Discover how important it is to properly size a […]

What Happened to Solar?

THEN AND NOW: What Happened to Solar? ~ By Gina Philippon Those of us who pre-buy our heating fuel eagerly await that notice in the mail or the banner hanging across Main Street advertising the per gallon price for the approaching heating season. It was the summer of 2008 when the price for heating oil […]


Over the past several years, more and more of our customers have become interested in learning about heat pumps for obvious reasons.  Ductless heat pumps are an attractive & highly efficient way to heat and cool an area because they extract heat from outdoor air (even when it is very cold) and deliver heat energy […]

Geothermal could make your Life Better

Many people ask us how Geothermal Heating & Cooling Works… Here’s How…… Geothermal Heat Pumps use the nearly constant temperature underground to heat or cool a buildings interior Ground loops filled with fluid absorb heat in the winter and release it in the summer. The evaporator transfers heat from the ground loops to refrigerant fluid […]